Sunday, March 07, 2010


I’ve decided to blog again after being on hiatus for so long. No one really reads this anymore. I guess its good, as you can see I accidentally deleted my old posts but I wasn’t even upset about it. This accident might just be what my smarter subconscious mind wanted. To start over new, I’ve been wanting to abandon this blog and start a new one but I guess i don’t have to now.

College have been a pain in the ass I should say. The people in it is awesome, but the shit loads of homework, class tests and assignments is really stupid. I thank god for the people in my class. Most of them are really nice and friendly, and smart. All my life I’m always surrounded by smart people, totally does not help in my low self-esteem but at least they drive me to work harder.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

omfg. i just accidentally deleted all the posts in my blog. cry for me. WTH WTH WTH WTH WTH!!!!!